Friday, August 3, 2012

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program

With the growth in the physical therapy field, physical therapist assistant programs are becoming more and more popular. The attractive salary and benefits that it offers and the uncomplicated nature of procedures involved in this part of the medical field, makes it a popular choice for graduates these days.

Also on account of the current economic situation in the US, a lot of people are being forced to stay in careers that are in danger of disappearing. Many people have been laid off during this time and now find it difficult to make ends meet. Utility bills, mortgages, medical, food etc are a few of the many financial and social pressures people have come into. With this, people are considering occupations they had never before thought about and are switching away from fields that are having less jobs as compared to the number of candidates swarming in.

A job as a physical therapist assistant is an area in healthcare that people are showing interest in. An initial training of just two years can get you this great position and can provide you with starting salary of $40,000 per annum. Hence, by acquiring an Associate's Degree you can more than replace the average salary. Also, this career is not limited geographically. Physical therapy is not only practiced in all states in US but also all over the world.

Now having decided to pursue this medical field, there are some important choices we have to make.
  • Firstly you need to decide that whether you'll go for a vocational school that focus on healthcare programs or a Community College or University that offers training in this specialty.
  • Then if you can be a full time student or a part time.
  • Also, if you'll be an on-campus student or if you want to go for online physical therapist assistant program.
Measure the pros and cons of every choice and then decide depending on what suits your lifestyle and pocket.

Vocational Schools

The most important thing to consider for vocational schools is accreditation. Unless the American Physical Therapy Association accredits the school, their students cannot take the licensing exam to become certified and hence to lawfully practice with a physical therapist.

Another thing to consider is whether the credits acquired are transferable to most state colleges or universities. This is important because if later you decide to pursue your career as a physical therapist then you'll have to start from the beginning to acquire a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree, if your credits from the vocational physical therapy assistant program are not transferable to a regionally accredited college.

Online Physical therapy assistant programs

Technology has made our lives easy in many ways. If you're working and can't commit as a full time student, online programs give us the convenient opportunity to complete the required coursework. They are less expensive and flexible.

Today, we have a wide variety of physical therapist assistant programs to choose from and be part of a rich and rewarding career. Despite the tough economic times, this rapidly growing field assures a satisfying future in meeting our financial as well as social obligations.

Carol is a physical therapist assistant and co-creator of this popular new web-site: The Physical Therapist Assistant

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